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Polyester base Films for Back-lits, displays etc.

Super Hi Gloss White Film
Brilliant white water-fast film with exceptional dot definition for highest resolution printing for photography and high profile presentations.

Clear PET Film
Clear water-resistant film with exceptional dot definition for high-resolution printing makes this media ideal for all types of overlays and specialty graphics.

Translucent White Film
This film is a hybrid of matte white film and traditional backlit film with an improved topcoat for indoor and outdoor durability. It is a heavy-weight 9 mil film designed to be front print and displayed either frontlit or backlit for a variety of display and trade show graphic applications. It mounts and laminates very well, and has excellent indoor and outdoor life.

Premium Quality BackPrint BackLit Film
Premium quality film designed to be reverse-imaged on the second surface. This media delivers outstanding image quality and a strong color gamut both from a reflected light point of view as well as in backlit applications. The product is sensitive, scratches easily and requires special handling.

Water-Fast Backlit Film
This backlit film offers vibrant color, it performs very well in conventional backlit applications. Its water-resistant properties allow it to be used for some outdoor applications without concern for print deterioration from condensation. This product is designed to be reverse-imaged on the second surface and therefore, requires no lamination for standard backlit applications. It can also be mounted and laminated with pressure-sensitive adhesives.

Self Adhesive Vinyls for Decals, Labels, Signs etc.

Premium Matte Warranted Vinyl

Premium-quality 3.5 mil waterproof matte vinyl has a semi-permanent adhesive and is designed for many types of graphic applications. It images very well in a variety of print modes. While not conformable to rivets and irregular curves or indentations, it is very durable both laminated and unlaminated. It is warranted for 6 months outdoors without lamination and for up to 50 months outdoors when used with the appropriate overlaminate film.

Super Hi Gloss White Vinyl
Brilliant white, water-resistant glossy vinyl, ideally suited for high-profile indoor graphics applications. Lamination with a high quality pressure-sensitive cast vinyl overlaminate is necessary to provide adequate UV, scratch and abrasion resistance for most types of outdoor applications, the product is not suitable for use on irregular surfaces. This product features a semi-permanent adhesive and has a silver back-coating to block light. Exceptional dot definition means exceptional print quality.

Water-Fast Matte Vinyl
This is a 3.5 mil vinyl with a removable adhesive, it exhibits very good image quality and the matte surface eliminates glare. Ideally suited for long term indoor and medium term outdoor applications, it will provide outdoor durability of 3-6 months without lamination.

Paper Products for Posters, Displays, POP etc.

Photo Grade Gloss Paper
This heavyweight paper-based media with a water-fast coating, exhibits an excellent white point and is ideally suited for photography and presentation graphics. Exceptional dot definition, quick dry times, and scratch resistance are key features of this premium product.

Photo Grade Semi-Gloss Paper
This heavyweight paper-based media with a water-fast coating, exhibits a very good white point with a low glare surface, contributing to dense and rich image reproduction for presentation graphics. Exceptional dot definition is another key feature of this product.

Synthetic Matte Paper
Synthetic alternative to matte paper offers a smooth surface, is very lightweight with a very good white point, excellent print quality and is water-resistant. The product also resists wrinkling and hangs well, making it a good option for indoor or short-term outdoor graphics.

Double-Sided Matte Paper
This 170 gram product is coated on both sides for ease of use, especially when mounting and lamination are required. Duplex printing is also possible. It offers good opacity along with an excellent white point at an affordable price. This paper can also handle heavy ink loads well for a wide variety of applications.

Heavy Matte Paper
Heavyweight 150 gram paper is an excellent choice for color graphics applications including posters, trade show and board room graphics, point of purchase displays, and much more. High opacity and very good white point assure a high quality reproduction. When lamination or encapsulation is part of the application, this premium matte product can reduce your cost with very little change in image quality.

Banner Material for Displays, Promotions etc.

Indoor Wet-Strength Banner Material
This latex and nylon-fiber reinforced paper is durable enough to allow for hemming and grommeting. This water-resistant product is excellent for indoor use at trade shows, in meeting rooms and for retail displays.

Tyvek-base Banner Material
This Tyvek-base material is water-fast, light weight, and outdoor durable for 3-6 months depending on mounting and weather conditions. The 50” width allows printed banners to be hemmed and grommeted. Excellent for event banners. Its high white point characteristics make it suitable for high-quality retail display applications.

Outdoor PVC Scrim Banner
Extremely durable product, exhibits excellent white point and exceptional image quality. PVC scrim can be hemmed and grommeted and offers a waterproof solution for outdoor applications of up to one year, depending on weather and environmental conditions and the specifics of the mounting.

Flame Retardant Banner Cloth
This 12 mil, 100% polyester banner cloth handles and drapes well, and is ideal for point-of-purchase and trade show graphics. It is sturdy and water-resistant with our pigment ink set, and has a good short-term outdoor life for event banners and signage, up to 3 months depending on application and environmental conditions.

Fine Art Paper, Canvas and Fabric

Concorde Rag Fine Art Paper, Natural White
Fine art paper specifically engineered for a wide-format inkjet printer and the image quality is truly impressive. The 100% cotton fiber mold-made paper features a beautiful texture and at 256gsm, (grams per square meter), has a quality feel. The paper is PH neutral, acid-free and lignin-free. The natural white paper contains no optical brightners and contains calcium carbonate as a filler. The product is water resistant when used with our pigment ink set. Print permanence testing (measured at 450 lux simulating gallery conditions) by Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc. Grinnell, Iowa. Wilhelm indicates print permanence of 120-130 years.

Concorde Rag Fine Art Paper, Bright White
Fine art paper with impressive image quality. This 100% cotton fiber mould-made paper features a beautiful texture and is PH neutral, acid-free and lignin-free. This 256gsm product is water-resistant when used with our pigment ink set. (Print permanence testing (measured at 450 lux simulating gallery conditions) is currently underway by Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc. Grinnell, Iowa, and is expected to be comparable to the Concorde Rag Natural White paper.)

Provence Rag Fine Art Paper, Soft White
A beautiful, softly textured fine art paper, this 310 gsm product is the newest in the line of fine art papers. It is also 100% cotton fiber and mould-made and is PH neutral, acid free and lignin-free. This heavier weight paper is specifically engineered for wide-format inkjet printing and is also water-resistant when used with our pigment ink set.

Canvas Textured Paper
An inexpensive alternate to traditional fine art papers, can be printed on both sides for unique effects. It's bright-white color and matte finish make it ideal for fine art or photo reproduction and novelty prints such as greeting cards and place cards.

Artist Canvas
Heavy weight artist canvas provides bold color reproduction with excellent contrast characteristics. For photography, fine art reproductions and banners. This product is not water resistant.

Polysilk Soft Cloth
A beautiful silky polyester cloth, this product is water-resistant. Useful for textile proofs, novelty promotional items, banners and other display graphics, this product can be gently hand-washed or dry-cleaned.

Laminating material for added protection and durability.

Premium Cast Gloss Overlaminate Film
This premium-quality 2 mil vinyl overlaminate film is the perfect indoor and/or outdoor applications. It offers generous flexibility with a high gloss finish for maximum impact.

Calendered Luster Overlaminate Film
This high-quality 3 mil calendered vinyl overlaminate film is perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications requiring less flexibility and durability. It offers a unique semi-gloss or luster look for glare-reduction.

Floor Marking Overlaminate Film
This specially embossed 9 mil overlaminate film offers a textured matte finish for floor graphics or any indoor graphics requiring a unique finish. It is durable and slip-resistant.

Teflon Graffiti Free Gloss Overlaminate Film
This unique, premium-quality, 1 mil, Teflon glossy film, developed to resist harsh conditions for the most durable protection for indoor or outdoor graphic applications. It offers generous flexibility with a high gloss finish for maximum impact.

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