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Are you in need of Large Format Printing?

Digital Printing

You've come to the right place. For over 15 years now we have been providing large format digital printing of Banners, Posters, Backdrops, Floor signs, Window displays, Decals, Presentation Boards etc.

When it comes to digital printing quality is very important, the resolution of the images used in the preparation of the graphics as well the resolution at which the print is output at, greatly affects the quality of the final result. Image resolution for large format printing should be around 150 dpi, unlike offset printing that requires 300 dpi resolution for the printing of postcards, flyers or business cards.

There are a number of different types of inks used in large format printing. The quality of the inks used in printing is paramount, some inks fade away very quickly in sunlight, the colour gamut they can provide and the depth of colour is not the same for all inks. Other inks especially solvent based inks last for years and are scratch resistant too. There are award winning eco-friendly options available that provide the best of both worlds.

Finally the substrate used to print on is also very important, different media provide different results. Using suitable media based on the application of the product is an important consideration to keep in mind when selecting your substrate. A knowledgeable large format digital printer should be aware of all these issues and can provide you with the best option based on your requirements.

Now a days there are a flood of providers out in the market offering a wide range of pricing, it makes a common person wonder why the great price difference? But, its all the little things, some of which are mentioned above that matter and consequently these effect the cost. Its not the best option to always go for the cheapest price, especially when quality and longevity matters.

At Mega Digital Imaging we offer many different options for your printing requirements. Do browse our site for more details and do not hesitate to contact us for your large format printing. Be it posters, banners or backdrops for your events or trade shows we will be happy to assist you, do contact us.

View our popular digitally printed trade show display and our selection of premium Retractable Banner Stands that hold digitally printed banners. Read more here about Banner Printing and other services that that we offer.

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